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Access to a complete training program designed to help you in your daily operations.
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Airzone Academy

Expert - Airzone Expert Certification

Complete the modules and get your Expert Certification. Stand out among your competitors and get into our recommended installers list.


Airzone Academy

For professionals

All our courses have been designed by our engineers, a team with more than 20 years of expertise in HVAC zoning systems. We are eager to share our knowledge with you!


Airzone Academy

Enhance your daily operations

We aim to optimize your work with Airzone. Our courses offered 24/7 are focused on the practical application of the technical information.


In this Online course you will learn about the Easyzone System, its elements, how to install and configure it. Easyzone is the perfect plug & play multizoning solution, based on an all-in-one system, to optimize the performance of installations with Inverter or VRF units.

This course is targeted at installers or professionals who are interested on what is Easyzone System and how to install it. 

The content of this course is composed of 6 units:

  •  Unit 1. Easyzone System
  •  Unit 2. Installation
  •  Unit 3. AC Unit Integration
  •  Unit 4. Configuration and Set Up
  •  Unit 5. How to use your system
  •  Unit 6. Troubleshooting


 In this Online course you will learn about Airzone Cloud: what it is, how to install and control the zoning system thanks to this technology. The cloud technology of Airzone offers the maximum control of your air conditioning zoning system.

  •  Unit 1. Webserver and Installation
  •  Unit 2. Airzone Cloud Webserver Connections
  •  Unit 3. Airzone Cloud Platform
  •  Unit 4. Airzone Cloud Control


In this Online course you will learn about Airzone, the world’s leading company for intelligent HVAC control systems. This course is an introduction to the company, in which you will learn Airzone’s global vision and the services, systems and control solutions that it offers. 

The course is targeted to installers or professionals of the sector interested in learning about the company. 

The content of this course is composed of 5 units:

    •  Unit 1. Airzone, the company
    •  Unit 2. Zoning and Efficient Control
    •  Unit 3. Product - Solution Orientation
    •  Unit 4. Regulatory Framework
    •  Unit 5. Control Interfaces


In this Online course you will learn Airzone’s different intelligent control solutions and their application to different air conditioning installations. You will discover everything that Airzone offers to manage your projects.

The content of this course is composed of 3 units:

    •  Unit 1. Easyzone solution: Concept & element.
    •  Unit 2. Inverter technology & applications.
    •  Unit 3. VRF technology & applications.


In this Online course you will learn about Airzone’s Projects Department and the tools it offers. The department is formed by a team of highly qualified professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the air conditioning sector and it offers designers of HVAC and automation solutions its support in every phase of the project. 

The content of this course is composed of 6 units:

    •  Unit 1.  Projects Service.
    •  Unit 2. Documents.
    •  Unit 3. Consultant Resources.
    •  Unit 4. Energy efficiency & sustainability certificates. 
    •  Unit 5. Ductzone.
    •  Unit 6. Software tools.