How do I set up a thermostat as the installation's master thermostat?

The installation's master thermostat is the thermostat which controls the way the AC unit operates (cooling, heating, fan, etc.).

The installation's master thermostat can be chosen during the zone association process (see Airzone Blueface and Airzone Think Thermostat Initial Settings in the Installation Manual). This option can also be changed subsequently by selecting another thermostat as the master thermostat.

The system must first be left without a master thermostat so a new master thermostat can be selected for the installation. If there is already a master thermostat, access the Zone advanced settings menu and then chose ZONE in the Thermostat settings parameter to do so.

The next step consists of selecting a new master thermostat for the installation. To do so, access the thermostat's Zone advanced settings menu and select MASTER.