Add a unit/zone

Units Management

Add a unit

1. Connect to Aidoo

Enable Bluetooth and location functions on your Android or iOS device. Make sure your Bluetooth device is close to the Aidoo.
  1. On the drop-down menu press the option Add device.

    Add unit icon

  2. Select the unit from the list of available units to get info.

    Add unit - device / zone

    If your unit does not appear, confirm the Bluetooth function of your iOS or Android is activated. Verify that the Aidoo is working properly.
  3. Enter the pin code located in the Aidoo if required and tap Send button.

    Add unit - pin

  4. You can start test actions to identify and check the operation of the unit (heating, cooling, fan and turning off).

    Add unit - actions

  5. For Modbus installations, introduce the Modbus port to be pointed.

    Add unit - modbus

2. Connect Unit to Network

  1. After checking that the Aidoo is properly connected, continue to the association of the Wi-Fi network by pressing Yes.

    Network - continue

  2. Select the network to which you wish to connect.

    Network - add

  3. Enter the password and press Send, then press Yes to continue the process.

    Network - password

3. Adding an AC unit to a group

  1. Select the group to which the AC unit will belong.

    Add unit - select group

  2. Enter the zone's name and press Finish

    Add unit - zone name

If the group to which you want to associate the AC unit doesn't exist, press Add new group, set the group's name and image, as well as the desired temperature format.

Add unit - new group

4. Changing an AC unit to another group

If an AC unit has already been added and you want to release it to be added by another user, you must first delete this unit. Follow the steps described in the section Remove unit/zone and reconfigure your AC unit as described in this section.