Everything you need to know to sell Easyzone successfully

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In today’s market, installing a modern ducted HVAC solution is a highly attractive option. The benefits are numerous. They offer consumers the highest efficiency available anywhere by getting rid of wall-mounted split units and replacing them with a smaller number of ducted units. This means that consumption, as well as aesthetic impact, is reduced considerably.

However, the biggest advantage, when compared to conventional A/C systems, is the possibility of creating a zoned system. With Airzone Easyzone, despite being a single system, users can adapt the temperature of every section of a building to cater for their thermal needs.

To be able to sell Easyzone successfully, the greatest focus of your pitch has to be on the ease with which users can enjoy superior comfort, but also the simplicity of converting a ducted system into a sophisticated zoned installation.

Easyzone makes users’ lives much easier

Airzone Easyzone takes user comfort to a whole new level.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes an integral part of more and more homes across the world, consumers have one main concern at the forefront of their mind when making home improvements or purchasing new appliances: will this make my daily life easier?

With Easyzone, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

With centralized management, Airzone provides its users with an unrivalled smart control system which can precisely meet the needs of each user.

Users have independent and concurrent control of each zone via a simple push of the button, either on the slick, user-friendly thermostats or via the Airzone Control app.

This means that individual zones (up to six per system) can be turned on or off, heated up or cooled down without affecting the comfort of other people in different zones.

Users can also adjust their Easyzone system to suit their lifestyle easily, setting schedules for each zone in accordance with the habits of its occupants. If you have children in the home, you can make sure their normal zones do not receive airflow during school hours. Likewise, if you can only enjoy deep sleep at a certain temperature, you can set the bedroom to be “just right” during your normal sleeping hours.

Installing a Blueface thermostat in your zone gives you unmatched levels of control. The Blueface thermostat is the most complete thermostat offered by Airzone with the ability to set schedules, choose operating mode, consult ambient temperature and relative humidity readings, access weather information and much, much more.

However, if you’re feeling too lazy to get off the sofa, any setting on your system can be altered remotely using the Airzone Cloud app, either on a desktop or by downloading it on Android or iOS devices.

As a result, control doesn’t stop once you leave the home. If there is a change to the normal schedule, or you forgot to turn off your Easyzone system before you left for the airport, you can control the settings from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

With Airzone, air conditioning is one less thing to worry about. Your life is made infinitely easier.

Easyzone in one word: SIMPLICITY

The main benefits of Airzone Easyzone lie in its simplicity. The sixth generation of Airzone thermostats has highly-intuitive iconography which makes control as simple as it can get for the user.

Users’ level of control can be as simple or as comprehensive as they want it to be. If the Blueface thermostat is too sophisticated for the people in a certain room (for example, children), perhaps Lite, with its straightforward interface, resembling a simple on/off switch, would suit better.

This simplicity is also transferred to the Airzone Cloud app where everything is brought together in one easy-to-navigate platform.
Installers and maintenance workers also reap the benefits of the simplicity of Easyzone. Comprised of just three components (a thermostat per zone, the motorized plenum and the Webserver), Easyzone is an integrated system that contains all the elements necessary for zoning and controlling a ducted A/C unit. Overall, very few adjustments to the building are needed.

What´s more, Easyzone saves the installer a tremendous amount of time. Installation itself can be completed in as little as a day, depending on the size of the project, and in just three easy steps: connection, configuration and Cloud set-up.

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As you can see, an Airzone Easyzone system brings a lot of benefits for both professionals and users. Selling it, therefore, is easy.

With reduced number of units and integration with all major HVAC systems, it is an easy-to-install system, making many types of projects much simpler for project designers, installers and maintenance staff.

Users experience the biggest benefits, though, with reduced energy consumption and total control over a superior level of comfort.

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