How to Clean Air-Conditioning Filters

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If you have an air-conditioning at home or at work, you must have surely noticed that it performs worse as time goes by. This is most probably due to a clogged filter.

Cleaning your filters

According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy:

“The quickest way to save energy on home cooling is to regularly clean and replace your cooling unit’s filters.”

US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

When was the last time your AC filters were cleaned or changed?

While the latter question often goes unanswered, many of us also don’t know much about the cleaning of the filters.

Today you’ll learn not only how to clean the filters, but also why and how often we should clean them.

Cleaning Air-Conditioning Filters

First, the filters must be removed from the air-conditioning equipment. They are usually designed to be easily accessible for extraction. If you have doubts about where to locate the filter position, it is recommended to check the equipment`s user manual before.

Air-conditioning filters are generally composed of fibers that are not excessively hard like nylon or such. Therefore, the use of any type of abrasive product should be avoided.

There are various types of air-conditioning

To clean the filters, simply remove them from the equipment and wash them gently with lukewarm water. Just rubbing them with your hands should be sufficient. Do not apply soap or other chemical products.

Vacuum cleaners or similar devices can also be used. If necessary, use a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the fibers.

They should then be left in the air to dry. Once clean and dry, they must be placed in their original position inside the equipment.

Why Should We Clean the Air-Conditioning Filters?

As we said before, maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of air-conditioning equipment.

There are some main reasons for this:

Performance: The dust and other particles on the filters hinder the airflow. This lack of airflow impairs the equipment´s heat transfer capability. As a result, the air-conditioning overworks and this leads to the shortened life span of the equipment due to wear and tear.

Economic Savings: In simple terms, the more time your air-conditioning unit is in use, the greater your electricity bill is. Cleaning your air-conditioning unit’s filter could save from 5% to 15% energy.

Air quality: When filters don’t have a minimum of maintenance, bad odors proliferate. If they are not cleaned regularly, they lose the ability to trap “harmful” particles or allergens found in the air.

Sustainability: Keeping your air-conditioning filters clean improves the energy efficiency thus making it safer for the environment by producing less carbon dioxide.

How Often Should Air-Conditioning Filters Be Cleaned?

On this point, there is no single answer: it just depends.

It depends on the type of machine (split, ducted, central, ductless, etc.), usage, season, manufacturer, etc.

If we stick to traditional splits, most manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters every two weeks or sooner. In addition, if the equipment has been halted for a long period, it is advisable to carry out a check before starting it again.

This helpful video from Joe Cools shows how to DIY

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How to Clean Ducted Air-Conditioning Filters?

To clean the ducted air-conditioning filters, you must access the drop ceiling where it is generally located. If you don’t know where to find it, you could start looking in the bathroom or in other secondary rooms.

Once we have located the machine, the filters are usually in the back of it. For washing and subsequent drying, we shall proceed, unless there is a contradiction by the manufacturer, as explained above.