Optimize your HVAC projects with our project department

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The HVAC industry is highly competitive these days. In order to choose the right technology for your projects, you have to keep in mind a list of criteria.

However, for larger projects, energy efficiency is always the highest priority. With the cost of electricity through the roof, reducing energy wastage (whether from excess noise or heat from the components, or from oversized units) is massively appealing.

With Airzone, you can deliver on all these fronts.

Improve the energy performance of your projects with Airzone Control

With our Easyzone zoning technology, we can help you to optimize your HVAC projects by dividing buildings into zones whose temperatures can be controlled concurrently. By optimizing the performance of installations with Inverter or VRF units in this way, you can significantly reduce energy usage.

With the addition Airzone’s highly-adaptive plenum, your HVAC installation can serve up to six different zones, operating at full capacity when the user commands.

With Easyzone, not only is comfort completely in the hands of the user, they also have a large amount of control over efficiency and consumption through the Airzone Cloud app. Users can, for example, set schedules to ensure that zones aren’t needlessly heated or cooled at times when they are empty.

What’s more, in Eco-Adapt mode, users can consult the traffic light indicator to see exactly how efficiently their system is operating and adjust their parameters accordingly if they wish to do so.

As Airzone products are also fully integrated with all the leading A/C unit manufacturers: this is yet another way that efficiency is assured. Thanks to the Airzone Communication Gateway and designs catered for individual brands and models, integration is seamless.

The equipment itself is also highly efficient. The system operates on a low voltage and dampers only power-up when in operation.

Additionally, lower capacity units can be installed as the system does not operate on a maximum power threshold. This lowers costs both at the installation phase and in the monthly electricity bill.

An Airzone system never works more than is necessary.

Get certification labels

We can boast about this efficiency as much as we want, but where’s the proof?

Well, Airzone holds all the major certifications at national and international level in the field of air conditioning and energy efficiency (electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, radio frequency, US FCC, Intertek 4008862 UL Listed, ISO 9001 & 14001 etc).

What’s more, the eu.bac association, a European body that brings together professionals in the construction sector, rated Airzone products’ control accuracy at an impressive 0.3 K for both cooling and heating.

Installing an Airzone system will also ensure your projects to receive high ratings and scores for a number of certifications.

For example, in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, popular in the “green building” sector, Airzone systems score extra points in two important categories: “Indoor Environmental Quality” and “Energy and Atmosphere”.

Likewise, Airzone comes out strongly in the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) certification, scoring high on ‘Energy’, ‘Pollution’, and ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

If, based on this information, you decide that Airzone is the right solution for your HVAC projects, we can help you on whichever path you choose to take, before, during and after the purchase.

Do it yourself: tools and resources

If you decide to create your own Airzone solution yourself, you can easily access a whole host of resources and other tools that we place at your disposal. We provide you, free of charge, with everything you need, from information about the sizing of the systems and certifications, to compatibility tables, diagnostic tools, HVAC software and technical documentation.

The process begins with the design of your new Airzone HVAC solution and this is made easy with Ductzone, a software program developed by our team of experts. This tool allows the user to size the A/C unit, size and calculate the ductwork system, and select the diffusion elements and the most optimal Airzone Control solution for the space.

With tutorials and support on our website and our YouTube channels, we will guide you throughout the entire process.

However, at Airzone we go beyond the call of duty. We believe that education and knowledge are the foundations of success. This belief has led us to create the Airzone Academy – a diversified and multidisciplinary training program for professionals in the HVAC sector which is completely free. Why not use our training materials to develop your skills and make sure you stand out from the crowd? After all, you can enroll whenever you like…

Do it with us: project department

However, if doing it yourself seems to be one step too far, you could also tell us all about your project and our engineering team can analyze and design the installation for you.

Our technical project office is staffed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the air conditioning sector and can promptly help you to determine the correct sizing of loads, ductwork, A/C units, etc.

The options are endless.

Optimize your HVAC projects now. As Airzone, we are happy to offer a helping hand whenever you need it.