How can Airzone zoning solutions reduce power requirements?

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At Airzone, the primary aim of our zoning technology is to take users’ comfort to the next level. However, while this is paramount, there are a number of other considerations which justify that Airzone Control is the ultimate temperature control system. One is its ability to reduce power requirements.

Airzone offers solutions fully integrated with the leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems. The efficiency of our products is supported by a number of globally-recognized certifications.

What’s more, the user also has control over their own energy consumption thanks to Airzone’s easy-to-use interfaces.

An intelligent, integrated system

The communication gateway is a cornerstone of all Airzone systems. Thanks to the development and constant improvement of our gateways, Airzone systems can communicate and integrate with the most prominent air conditioning systems.

Our systems are compatible with Inverter, VRF and hydronic units. They can also be integrated with other control systems such as building automation or home automation systems (ModBus, KNX, BACnet… etc.). These gateways not only boost the performance of the A/C units, they can also help you improve your energy rating. Connectivity at its finest.

With the addition of Airzone’s wide range of plenums, any temperature control system is immediately taken to the next level. As commanded by the zoned system, the plenum only sends cool or warm air to the areas that the user designates. This ensures that the system is never overworked. It will only operate at full capacity when all zones require airflow, creating an energy saving of up to 53% compared to non-zoned systems.[1]

Reduced installation costs

Generally speaking, traditional A/C units are manufactured to function on a pre-established power scale. Therefore, you have to select units which cover the power requirements of the designated zone. In the case of multi-split installations, lack of precise selection leads to higher investment costs.

In contrast, ducted units can be designed with more accurate selection. That way, oversizing the A/C and electrical installations can be avoided.


Ductzone is an important tool to help installers with this. It is a software program developed at Airzone that calculates a building’s requirements and lists the corresponding technical parameters and Airzone products necessary for the installation.

Thanks to Ductzone, not only is installation handled quickly, but with precise calculations, energy usage is reduced.

End user savings

Furthermore, as our solution functions according to the user preference and not on a maximum power threshold like traditional systems, the required power capacity is less than what the traditional systems consume.

All of this means that the end user can make significant energy savings. But it doesn’t stop there. The amount of control an Airzone system gives its users is enormous.

Thanks to the Airzone Cloud app, users can control the system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That way, if a family member has gone on holiday or away on business, their usual zone won’t get heated or cooled. This easily ensures that energy isn’t wasted.

What’s more, in Eco-Adapt mode, a control algorithm for Airzone systems aimed at improving energy efficiency, users’ thermostats are turned into a type of traffic light showing “very efficient use” with a green light, through to “very inefficient use” with a red light. Users are therefore able to decide how efficiently they want their systems to operate, making energy savings even easier.

Eco-Adapt also optimizes the efficiency of the Inverter equipment. This is achieved by ensuring operation for the utmost duration in the range where performance is optimal, known as Partial Load Operation.

Airzone Cloud: data is power

As you can see, a vast amount of data from HVAC systems can now be gathered with cloud technology. Through the Airzone Cloud, data can be collected to improve efficiency, but also to keep systems up to date and properly maintained.

With our remote technical support, product engineers are now able to look at the system to verify that it is correctly operating, performing at a high level and its parameters are well adjusted. Otherwise maintenance can be immediately dispatched. This is not only beneficial for the client, who has complete control over the data, but also the professionals involved.

Energy certificates

Airzone’s commitment to efficiency and energy savings is well appreciated by users worldwide.

Major certifications we hold at national and international level in the field of air conditioning prove that. Airzone systems can boast:

    • Electromagnetic compatibility certificates
    • Electrical safety certificates
    • Radio frequency certificates
    • US FCC certificate
    • Intertek 4008862 UL Listed certificate
    • ISO 9001 & 14001 certificates

Additionally, the eu.bac association, a European body that brings together professionals in the construction sector, rated Airzone products’ control accuracy at an impressive 0.3 K for both cooling and heating.

A complete solution

Investing in an Airzone system therefore is making a clear commitment to reducing power requirements and saving energy. On the one hand, as a fully integrated and intelligent system, performance is optimized; on the other hand, the user has an enormous amount of control which ensures both optimal comfort and efficiency.

Airzone zoning solutions simply make the lives of users easy. Interested in our products and solutions? Contact us!

[1] Independent studies carried out by the University of Malaga’s Energy Group about installations with Airzone’s system