Enjoy  the ultimate level of comfort with a smart control system

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Technology in the HVAC industry has come a long way in recent years. Traditional A/C systems are slowly being replaced as they have one major drawback – if you wish to heat or cool one space, all others have to be heated or cooled too. Not only is this an enormous waste of energy, this means that not everyone will be comfortable in their part of the building.

The best solution to this problem is a zoning system. With an Airzone installation, only areas that need airflow will receive it as it uses different motorized dampers and individual thermostats for independent and simultaneous control of zones.

In any building, temperatures can vary a lot from room to room. This can depend on various factors such as the number of windows, the quality of the insulation or even the height of the ceilings.

With a zoned system, users have many more options than just ‘off’ or ‘on’.  With several different features, an Airzone system assures the satisfaction of all users at the same time. Everyone is happy.

Airzone thermostats and Cloud service: cutting-edge technology

Users of Airzone Control can easily adjust the temperature according to needs of each zone. They can effortlessly switch modes and temperatures on any of the 3 types of thermostat available:

  • Blueface. With a color graphic interface, this is the ultimate user experience and the most complete thermostat on the market.
  • Lite. The elegance of simplicity. Ideal for the littlest and the oldest ones in the family thanks to its intuitive light code
  • Think. Unlimited versatility. Graphic interface with E-ink display and capacitive buttons.

However, what sets Airzone apart from other systems is that it is much more than a set of thermostats. Thanks to the Airzone Cloud, installations provide the utmost control for users wherever they are.

Through the clean, elegant and intuitive Airzone Cloud app, the user can ensure that the HVAC system is operating for the benefit of everyone in the building from practically anywhere, Wi-Fi permitting.

For example, if the kids have gone out, you don’t have to go up to their room to turn off their zone. Equally, you can turn on the heating on your way home to ensure it’s nice and warm for when you get there.

You can also set schedules down to the minute, see temperature and humidity readings in real time, or activate Sleep or Eco-Adapt modes – all in six different languages.

Nowadays we use mobile applications for practically everything. However, if you have not added home climate control to the list, you are missing a lot.

Airzone Cloud server: Controls cost and energy efficiency

Achieving the ultimate comfort doesn’t have to be costly, though. The Airzone Cloud also helps users to have control over energy usage. While shutting down zones which are not occupied saves a lot of energy, the Cloud service also helps to ensure that systems are working at their most efficient levels.

Thanks to the Eco-Adapt mode, a control algorithm for Airzone systems aimed at improving energy efficiency, users are able to see how efficiently their systems are operating and therefore take control of their energy usage.

This mode also ensures that the performance of the Inverter equipment is optimized as it is made to work for the longest possible period of time in the range where performance is optimal.

An important diagnostic tool

The data obtained from the Cloud is also highly valuable for professionals. The feedback can be an important diagnostic tool. With the user’s permission, installers and technicians can have immediate access to the data and any performance issues can be solved quicker than ever.

This is a win-win situation for both the user and the professional as the professional can save time and attend more clients while the user receives the best and quickest service possible.

What’s more, product engineers are also able to remotely look at the system to verify that it is operating correctly at a high level, and that the system parameters are well adjusted. If not, already armed with all of the information they need, maintenance can be sent to deal with the problem.

Taking comfort to the next level

Overall, the benefits of having an Airzone Control system are indisputable. Thermostats are an important element of any modern HVAC solution, but a smart control system by Airzone takes comfort to the next level.

A large range of modes and settings, along with simultaneous control of individual zones, satisfy the temperature needs of the users.

Their service and expenditure needs are not forgotten either; Airzone gives users access to the maintenance service they need while also helping them to stay on top of energy consumption.