The wired thermostat displays Error 1 - Communications failure between thermostat and main control board

Check whether the error appears on all thermostats. If so, check that the system's main control board is operating properly. To do so, check the behavior of all its self-diagnostic LED.

If the behavior of the LED is appropriate, check that the polarity of the connectors of the main control board and thermostat is correct. The wiring can be consulted in the Assembly and Connection section of the Installation Manual.

If the wiring is correct and the problem persists, check the voltage between the poles (A /-) and (B /-). The voltage should be between 0.5 Vdc and 2 Vdc and the two measurements should be similar (be balanced); in other words, if the voltage of A/- is 0.9 Vdc, the voltage of B/- may vary between 0.8 Vdc and 1.0 Vdc. If the voltages are not within these ranges, there is a problem in the wiring or one of the parts is defective. Get in touch with the Technical Department (Open a new ticket).

If the voltages are correct, restart the zone and reassociate it to the system (How can I reset a zone equipped with a Blueface thermostat when it displays Error 1?).

If the problem is not solved, restart the entire system and reassociate it (How do I reset the entire system?).

Warning: Take into account that this error may appear on the thermostats if the system is restarted. This message should disappear in approximately 30 seconds once the restart has been completed.

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