Control Solutions

Airzone is the world leader in zoning control systems, with 20 years of experience designing integrated control systems that facilitate the management of your HVAC installations. We offer a wide range of control solutions developed in collaboration with all the main manufacturers.


Much more than a product

We know that to make your work easier, you need more than just a good product – you also need all the services that go with it. We have developed the following services for you, delivered through this platform and available 24/7, to support you on any project.

Airzone 360

Learn everything
you need know


  • We have created a self-guided learning platform where you can access the training courses we have designed especially for professionals like you.
  • Learn everything you need to know about how to specify and design projects with Airzone solutions or how to carry out an installation. Just choose the course you need.
  • You may either select individual courses or follow our Expert Program that will guide you through our courses and turn you into an expert in Airzone Solutions.
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Projects Office
Stand out from the crowd by designing projects with Airzone

Projects Office

  • Simplify your projects with Airzone.
  • Download the resources we have created for you, use Ductzone, our calculation and measuring software, or ask the engineers in our Projects Office to help you with your project.
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Support Center
Resolve your doubts,
feel supported

Support Center

  • Anything and everything related to products can be found here. Access before, during or after the installation.
  • Refer to the installation or user manuals, search by serial number or product type and obtain specific technical information.
  • Search our FAQs and Documentation Center.
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Shop Assistant
Purchase safely
and easily

Shop Assistant

  • We have developed an assistant that will guide you through the process of selecting the elements you need to complete an installation.
  • Or if you are already an expert, you can access a complete list of articles and build your order yourself.
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Energy Labelling
Get certification for your projects by including Airzone

Energy Labelling

  • Airzone works with the main energy certification programs and now everything is ready for your energy efficiency certification.
  • Our Project Office is available to support you with the eu.bac, BREEAM and LEED building certification programs.
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Work with all
the main manufacturers


  • Our communication gateway allows a seamless plug-and-play integration of AC units.
  • Our systems have communication ports to integrate Airzone control with other control systems (KNX; BACnet, Modbus…)
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Integrated with


More than a just a pretty face

Our control systems integrate the different production and supply units present in a building. We have engineered our control systems to create installations that are designed to be more efficient, and easier to integrate and control.

Air-conditioning zoning solution

An all-in-one integrated zoning system that turns a ducted AC unit into an individual room-by-room control system with many more functionalities.

Radiant heating zoning solution

Control the heating installation independently for each room. This control system integrates both production and supply elements in a single effective system.

Individual HVAC unit control solution

As experts in controlling HVAC units, we also offer control of individual units. Give your clients fully-integrated control from their smartphones.

Smart Control


A perfect balance
between design and control

A totally renewed range with the sole objective of enhancing user experience. The best technical staff of engineers working hard to offer you the best smart thermostat in the market.

  • Full control in your hands.
  • Available in black or white to blend with any décor.
  • Combines a magnificently renewed interface with a highly-intuitive iconography
  • Exquisite finish in matt nickel and tempered glass, coated with a superior zamak case.
  • Updated at all levels. The latest in HVAC technology with the characteristic innovative touch of Airzone.

Airzone Cloud

Greater control
Greater connectivity

Airzone provides control by App and by Web for any Airzone control solution through our Airzone Cloud service. Turn the control of a system into an intuitive experience accessible from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

And not only for your clients – this tool works for you as a professional too. The Airzone Cloud service is the open door to our Remote Technical Service. It’s like getting our product engineers in to look at the installation whenever you need it.

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Energy labelling

Projects that meets any European regulation

We provide methods for justifying improvements in energy efficiency, following BREEAM, LEED and eu.bac certifications.

As a world leader in energy savings and energy efficiency, our aim is to be a benchmark for compliance with international regulations.

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Why not use our training materials to develop your skills and make sure you stand out from the crowd? Since the Academy is open 24/7, you can access our courses according to your availability. Whether you are interested in installation or design, our project engineers have developed the perfect courses to meet your needs.

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BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is a system for assessing and certifying the environmental performance of buildings. A building will be attributed a construction sustainability score based on an objective assessment.

Impact on BREEAM certification

Thanks to Airzone’s zone control systems, you can improve the scores of the “Health & Wellbeing”, “Energy” and “Pollution” categories while optimizing the building's thermal comfort and energy performance.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a system for assessing environmental performance in the construction or renovation of buildings, which aims to achieve a rational and effective use of energy, materials and water.

Thanks to Airzone’s zone control systems, you can obtain extra points in the “Indoor Environmental Quality” and “Energy and Atmosphere” categories of LEED certification.

EU.BAC certification Improve Energy Certification

The Airzone Central V1.3 system has been certified by eu.bac with a control accuracy of 0.3 K, both in terms of cooling and heating. This assessment confirms the value of using Airzone systems as an option for projects which pursue a high level of efficiency, and we are the first manufacturer in the HVAC sector to obtain this certificate. Airzone has been recognized with an A rating in the IZC Energy Efficiency Label (the eu.bac energy labeling system).