About Us

Innovating at AC and Heating control

We offer Solutions where our control systems are combined with the different production and emission equipments present at the installation, making them more simple to integrate, getting more efficient installations and easier to control.

Applicable for different buildings like appartments, houses, clinic, offices, or hotels.

Compatible with many type of installations like inverter AC units, VRF systems, chillers, water fan-coils, under floor heating/cooling or wall radiators.

By using Airzone in your projects you can access to official energy efficiency related certifications like BREEAM or LEEAD. THe only zoning control system eu.bac certificed. Airzone help to reduce the amount of refrigerant gas in the installation (I-EEC-2865-A).

We have designed our range of interfaces to be as aesthetical as intuitive, they fit in any ambient and application.

Control the system not only on-site but from anywhere with Airzone Cloud service, accesible through APP or Web browser.

With our solutions you have:

  • Independent zone control system for AC units.
  • Independent zone control system for heating.
  • SmartControl for individual equipments.
  • IoT equipmentsf for integrating AC installations in BMS control systems (KNX, BACnet, Lutron(R), Wago(R)...).

Our control solutions are complemented with our services for professionals like you. Covering from the project stage to the after-sales service. Register and get access to them, we are here to support you.