Air-conditioning zoning solution

An all-in-one integrated zoning system that turns a ducted air conditioning unit into an individual room-per-room control system with much more functionalities.

  • Independent room-per-room temperature control system.
  • App/Web control with Airzone Cloud Service.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Reduce power requirements.
  • Reduce gas in the installation.


Radiant heating zoning solution

Control the heating of the installation independently in each room. This control system integrates both production and emission elements in a single performing and communicating system.

  • Integrates production and emission in the same system.
  • App/Web control with Airzone Cloud Service.
  • Intelligent thermal inertia radiant control.
  • Simplified installation.
Radiant365 - Coming soon

Airzone Cloud

Individual equipment control solution

As experts in controlling HVAC units, we are to bring individual. Get this full-integrated control on your clients smartphone.

  • Wifi Controller for Heat Pump units.
  • App/Web control with Airzone Cloud Service.
  • Compatible with main Heat Pump manufacturers.
  • Add, optionally, a thermostat for local control.
Aidoo - Coming soon

WiFi Controller - Coming soon