Air-conditioning zoning solution

Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system.



Get several comfort zones from one ducted AC unit

Easyzone regulates the temperature at each zone independently and commands the indoor unit to adapt its set-point and fans speed according to zones status.

Compatible with main manufacturers, it saves your time and effort, reduces your clients energy consumption upto a 53% while increase their comfort.


Temperature control

Select your comfort temperature, independant from the other zones or set the zone to off.

Window to the world

Easily control the system through an App for tablets and smartphones.

Access to any zone

From a Blueface controller any other zone or even all the system can be controlled at once. There is no need to phically move to each zone.


Energy efficiency at a sigle touch. Select the energy efficiency level for your system and it will command the AC unit accordingly.

Adjust the system to your life

Time schedules, temperature configuration and a large set of functionalities will allow the user to set a system to their life.

Weather forecast

Get the information about it will rain, freeze or the sun will shine. Any system connected to internet throuth the Webserver Cloud, it will retrieve and display the weather forecast information .

Time schedules

Program it to get the most of it all. Easyly set any event at any time.



of the Installation

Easyzone is a plug & play system that turns ducted AC units into a highly-e cient zoning systems. It is the perfect solution to optimize the performance of installations with Inverter or VRF units. Only need three components to zonify your installation.


Airzone standard motorized plenum with neck that adapts to the mechanics of the main LG ducted AC units.


  • Main control board.
  • Circular dampers.
  • Communication gateway for a full integration of the AC unit with the Airzone system.
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Webserver Airzone Cloud

Airzone Cloud webserver enables users to control their systems wherever they are, whenever they want.

Thanks to this technology, they will be able to manage their systems from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) or PC.

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The master thermostat is the one that has been configured as the main thermostat of the installation. From here you can perform the functions that will be applied to the entire installation: Mode, Eco-Adapt function or speed.

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How to install

Turn you AC unit into a high efficiency independat temperature room-per-room control in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Assamble & connection

Specifically designed for each brand, it matches mechanillay and integrates electronically with the IU.

Step 2


Highly customizable yet very simple. You may assign 1 thermostat pero outlet or per group of outlets.

Step 3

Cloud Connection

Finally, get the control to Cloud access by getting the Webserver in the local network and signing up users.

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How it works?

Thanks to the Communication Gateways and the specific mechanical design, each motorized plenum fits perfectly with the indoor unit, integrating seamlessly and with no effort.

Compatibility checker

Compatibility list

Project calculation


Once calculations have been performed, you will get a complete, customized project for your installation, including:

  • Presentation of technical benefits of the Airzone solution in your project.
  • Plan covering ductwork and the location of supply elements.
  • Connection scheme for the system.
  • List of materials.
Ductzone output sample

Tools & Resources

Get our BIM models for you REVIT projects. Use the technical reports where the benefits and improvement that Airzone control system brings.
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Energy Certifications

We believe that quality is the basis of each of the activities developed in Airzone, therefore, we maintain rigorous quality standards.



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Assamble & Connection

Once the assembly and connection are completed, it is time to set every parameter of the system to make it operate as you need.

 and configuration

Once the assembly and connection are completed, it is time to set every parameter of the system to make it operate as you need.

Airzone Cloud,
Webserver and App configuration

Finally, the configuration of the Cloud Service for the system installed. Accomplishing this task transforms the system into a connected system that will also be useful for your assistance.