RadianT365 system

Customized control of zoned hydronic heating installations with underfloor heating and cooling.


Why RadianT365?

The RadianT365 system optimizes the floor's thermal inertia to ensure comfort and achieve efficient management. It also incorporates protection functions to extend the life of the installation and reduce maintenance actions.

Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system.




  • Independent

  • Time

  • Humidity

  • Remote
    management 1

  • Weather
    forecast 1

  • Integration with
    home automation

  • Underfloor heating
    and cooling

Benefits of RadianT365

Compared to a non-zoned system

  • Temperature stability thanks to thermal inertia control.

  • Different set-point temperatures in each room.

  • Use of the RadianT365 system throughout the year thanks to the control of the floor in heating or cooling modes.

  • Savings in operating and installation costs in terms of efficiency.

  • Efficient control and management of production.

Where can RadianT365 be applied?


Without RadianT365

RadianT365 system elements

Get the most out of the RadianT365 system, including all its components: electronic elements, Airzone interfaces and Airzone Cloud Webserver

Airzone interfaces

Airzone Cloud Webserver

Control your system from anywhere

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps 2 available for Android and iOS or through airzonecloud.com.

Eu.bac certificate

Airzone is tested and certified by the European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac), an industrial platform that supports home control, building automation and energy services for buildings. This certifies RadianT365 as a powerful solution for precise control of HVAC systems.

A fully integrated solution

RadianT365 is composed of Plug&Play elements and allows end users to easily integrate their system into the latest IoT trends. It is compatible with the main BMS/Automation and IoT technologies, such as voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the Airzone Webserver. Thanks to the local API, any third party integration is simpler than ever; you just have to download the drivers, select the parameters and that's it.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Plug & Play

All the control with just one application

Enjoy maximum comfort and efficiency with the simplest configuration.

Now you can also control your floor heating and air conditioning unit with the Airzone Cloud application.

One system for 365 days a year

The Airzone RadianT365 system can be used with a radiant heating system and cooling elements. Heating and cooling using radiant elements is more comfortable than any other method, mainly because of the direct transmission of the temperature to the user.

Get your RadianT365 control system


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1 Applicable when the system has an Airzone Cloud Webserver.
2 Requires an Airzone Cloud Webserver.