The actuators of my dampers do not operate

If the associated damper does not operate after switching a zone on/off, run the following checks:

Check that the LED associated to the relevant actuator output light up when a zone's demand is switched on/off. For further information, see the main control board self-diagnostic in the Airzone Cloud Support.

If the LED light up properly (green = opened, red = closed), the problem could reside in the actuator's wiring or in the actuator itself. To check whether the damper operates properly, connect it to the actuator output of another damper that is operating properly. If it operates properly, the problem is probably in the actuator output. Connect another damper to it to check if it operates. If it does not, the main control board has an actuator output that does not operate. If you have any free outputs, use one of them, otherwise you will have to replace the main control board.

If the damper still does not operate after connecting it to another output, the problem resides in the damper and it should be replaced.