Enjoy the ultimate control in HVAC systems. Boost your energy efficiency wherever you are.


Advantages for the professional

The new Airzone Cloud Webserver opens the door to a new way of understanding control. Remote management brings bene ts for both the professional and the end user.

  • Reduction of starting up times.
  • Remote system diagnostics.
  • Personalized and adapted advice.
  • Reduction of technical assistance waiting times.
  • Remote update on request.

Airzone Cloud

Advantages for the user

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows the user to control their systems easily from their smartphone, tablet or computer. It also allows them to control all the functionality of their systems and find out the weather forecast for their location.

  • An intuitive and simple app for all types of users.
  • Brand new design. Elegant, neat and easy. New iconography.
  • Access every zone. Control everything: change modes, temperatures…
  • Turn on or off your HVAC system wherever you are. Prepare to start saving.



Temperature control, operating mode and system speed.


Maximize your saving thanks to our Eco-Adapt saving function.

My Cloud

Control your system everywhere, at any time.

Operating Mode

Switching operating modes has never been so easy.

Weather forecast

Check what the weather is like in your location and adjust the temperature of your zones.


Temperature and mode time schedules.