Easyzone is a plug & play system that turns ducted AC units into a highly-e cient zoning systems.

    Flexible solution


    Easyzone is a plug & play system that turns ducted AC units into a highly-e cient zoning systems. It is the perfect solution to optimize the performance of installations with Inverter or VRF units.

    Easyzone is factory-wired to avoid any wiring errors. For a perfect integration with the AC units of the di erent manufacturers, Easyzone is available in two different sizes.

    (height 300mm)
    (height 240mm)

    A window to the world

    Easily control the system through an App for tablets and smartphones.

    Access to any zone

    From a Blueface controller any other zone or even all the system can be controlled at once. There is no need to phically move to each zone.

    Adjust the system to your life

    Time schedules, temperature configuration and a large set of functionalities will allow the user to set a system to their life.

    Certified gateway

    Easily integrate into BMS systems with standard communication objects.

    Easy assemble

    Only two screws are required to fit the damper in the motorized plenum.


    Energy efficiency at a sigle touch. Select the energy efficiency level for your system and it will command the AC unit accordingly.

    Seamless integration

    Develped in collaboration with IU manufacturers, our Communication gateways "speaks" the same language with the Indoor Unit providing a reliable communication.


    How it works?

    Thanks to the Communication Gateways and the specific mechanical design, each motorized plenum fits perfectly with the indoor unit, integrating seamlessly and with no effort.

    Compatibility checker

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    Energy Certifications

    We believe that quality is the basis of each of the activities developed in Airzone, therefore, we maintain rigorous quality standards.



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