How to manage a multi-user profile from Airzone Control?

We have implemented a team management system that will enable you to create teams with different members to whom you will be able to assign different roles and permissions, even if all the members belong to the same company.

Teams are dynamic and make it easier to manage company accounts in Airzone Control.

All the features of this system are explained below.

*Full management of the system is only available to Airzone Control company accounts that have already been validated.

Proceed as follows to create your team in Airzone Control. 

Once you have created your business account, access your Control Panel.

You will see the “Team” section at the bottom of the column on the left. Click on it.

Once you have registered, you will see the member management panel. This section contains the most important information about all your team members, such as name, surname(s), email address and the permissions assigned to them.

At the end of this panel is a list of members that have been invited to join the team but have yet to accept your invitation, meaning that their account has not yet been activated.

How to invite a new member to your team

Click the ‘Team’ section to invite new members to your team.

In the member Control Panel, go to the top right corner of the screen and click ‘Add a new member’. A new window will pop up with a registration form where you should enter certain details about the future user. Make sure that you enter the information correctly.

Once the new contact’s information has been added, you can assign any permissions you want to them, depending on the actions they will have to perform.

There are four types of permissions. Each one of them has a specific purpose, although they all share a common goal: to increase your company’s productivity. The four permission categories are:

  • Administrator: they have permission to issue invitations and change your settings, as well as remove active members from the team. An admin user has all the existing permissions that have been granted.
  • Purchaser: they have permission to make purchases and create shipping addresses, generate appointments, manage warranties, make returns, access support tickets and the training courses available in the Airzone Academy.
  • Quotation: they have permission to generate appointments, manage warranties, make product returns, access support tickets and training, although they cannot make purchases.
  • Basic: they can manage support tickets, access the training courses and create shopping carts.