Power does not reach a wired thermostat

If your thermostat is not switched on after connecting it to the system, first check the thermostat's connection. Ensure that the wires are making good contact and are not loose. To do so, tug on them gently and ensure they are not released.

If the thermostat's connection is satisfactory, check that the bus's connection to the main control board is also correct (image). Check the polarity and that the wires are making good contact with the terminal connection.

If the connections are correct, check whether 12 Vdc power reaches the thermostat. To do so, check that there is 12 Vdc at both connections between the red wire (+) and the black wire (-).

If no power reaches the thermostat, check whether it leaves the main control board. To do so, disconnect the main control board's bus connection terminal (image) and check whether there is voltage between the + and - connection terminals. If there are 12 Vdc, the problem resides in one of the terminal connections. If there is no voltage, the main control board has a power feed fault and you will have to get in touch with the Technical Support Department.

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