Aidoo Pro Fan coil

Aidoo Pro Fan coil

Device to manage and integrate fancoil units remotely from the Cloud. Online control with the “Airzone Cloud” App (available for iOS and Android). Wireless Wi-Fi connection. Externally powered at 110 / 230 Vac. Mounted on DIN rail.


  • Control of the parameters of the unit.
  • Dual Wi-FI communications (2.4/5 GHz).
  • Possibility of integration via Local API and Cloud API.
  • Communication errors detection.
  • Temperature and operating mode time schedules.
  • Multi-user and multi-session.
  • Port for integration via Modbus/BACnet protocol.
  • 2 relays for control of solenoid valves on demand.
  • 3 relays for control of up to 3 speeds.
  • 3 0-10 V outputs for control of cooling valve, heating valve and fan.
  • 3 digital inputs for open window detection, occupancy detection and Eco mode.
  • 3 analogue probe inputs for measuring room temperature, heating battery temperature and cooling battery temperature.
  • Auxiliary heat control