Webserver Airzone Cloud Wi-Fi dual 2.4-5G

Webserver Airzone Cloud Wi-Fi dual 2.4-5G
Reference AZX6WSC5GER
Webserver for controlling Airzone systems through Airzone Cloud platform. Accessible through browser or App (available for IOS and Android). WiFi connection. Powered through domotic bus.

  • Control of up to 32 systems.
  • Configuration and control of zone parameters (Room and set-point temp., operation mode, etc.) and system parameters via Airzone Cloud.
  • Associated with router through the app via Bluetooth.
  • Temperature and operation mode time schedules.
  • Multi-user and multisession.
  • External control through Airzone Cloud platform.
  • Remote updates of the Webserver firmware and the systems connected to it.
  • Remote error detection and error resolution.