Assembly and Connection Mitsubishi Heavy


Aidoo Mitsubishi Heavy Wi-Fi controller

The unit controller must remain working in parallel with your Aidoo and its operating mode changed to “Sub” (Check the Mitsubishi Heavy controller Instruction manual).

Perform all of the connections with a total absence of power.

Follow these steps to connect them:

  1. Fix your Aidoo close to the AC unit to be controlled using the material supplied (double-sided adhesive tape or screws).

    Important: Check that you have a Wi-Fi signal available before fixing it.
    Assembly Aidoo

  2. Disconnect the indoor unit.
  3. Connect the Aidoo to the terminal of the indoor unit using the supplied cable, X Y.
    Connection Aidoo MHI
  4. Power the indoor unit. Check the LED:
    green (blinking)
    red (solid)