Create a new scene


Create a new scene

The application allows you to create and manage a maximum of 10 scenes associated to each group

  1. On the drop-down menu press the option Groups.

  2. Press the group that includes the zone you wish to control.

    Zone menu

  3. Press the scenes icon.

    Scenes icon

  4. Press the Add scene icon.

    Scenes add

  5. Enter a name for the scene.

    Scenes name

  6. Select the scene icon.

    Scenes select icon

  7. Select the scene parameters:

    • On and off.
    • Operating mode.
    • Set-point temperature.
    • Fan-speed.

    Scenes parameters

  8. Assign the zones to which the scene will apply.

    Schedules and scenes are not available in zones associated to aerothermal units if they are configured in LWT mode. If you have any doubt, please check the Instruction manual of the unit.

    Scenes zones

  9. Press Done to save the changes or Cancel to return to the previous menu.

    Scenes confirm