What is the Integration

Airzone is always innovating and increasing its products and their functionalities to improve the intengration of all on them and facilitate the set-up process and the efficiency rating. In many occasions, the installations are composed by several systems: air conditioning, access control, lighting, etc. For this reason, integrating all of them becomes highly important.


Communication Gateway

The cornerstone of our systems. Thanks to the development and constant improvement of our gateways, Airzone systems can communicate and integrate with all types of heating and air conditioning systems.

These gateways boost the performance of the AC units and help you improve your energy rating.

  • Inverter / VRF
  • Individual units: Split or cassette
  • Daikin Altherma units
  • 0-10 V zoned fancoils
  • Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery


How it works?

Thanks to the Communication Gateways and the specific mechanical design, each motorized plenum fits perfectly with the indoor unit, integrating seamlessly and with no effort.

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