How do I create an Airzone account?

To obtain a user account you only have to register. It is free!

There are three types of accounts in

  • The end user account: It is a basic account designed for everyone who has an Airzone Cloud or Aidoo control system. It allows access to the private area, control apps and the Aidoo online store.
  • The professional user account: Account designed for those who seek access to training at the Airzone Academy as professionals. You need to identify yourself as a professional in the HVAC sector to create this account.
  • The professional client account: It is an extension of the professional user account that will grant access to the complete list and purchase of all Airzone products. It also allows users to benefit from exclusive rates (the commercial conditions are assigned after evaluating the provided company information; our sales team may contact you if necessary).

This registration has two stages.

The first is completed when you activate your professional user account on the Airzone Control platform.

The second stage is the activation of the applicable customer conditions by our sales team.

To notify our team of your request to activate your account as an Airzone professional customer, you must first activate your generic Airzone Control user account.

For all types of registration, you will receive an automatic email with a link to activate your user account after completing the registration form, and your account will then be ready for use.

If you have also chosen to register as an Airzone professional client, once your company's tax details have been registered in the company profile section, you will receive a notification from us within the next 2 business days.

If you have an end user account, you can upgrade to a professional user account by completing the required information in your private area.

If you currently have a professional user account but have not yet completed the company profile, you can fill it out here. Once validated you will benefit from

exclusive rates for Airzone professional client accounts.