Aidoo KNX Controller

Integrate your Inverter/VRF system into KNX with the simplest communication gateway. Maintain all Inverter/VRF features intact with the KNX certified Aidoo.

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We do what we know best

We have been working with the leading manufacturers to develop the most efficient gateways using their protocols. Our expertise in control solutions helped us create our newest product, Aidoo KNX.

Airzone Aidoo KNX
Airzone Aidoo - KNX certified product Airzone Aidoo - ETS configurable Airzone Aidoo - Fully KNX interoperable
  • Direct
  • 2-way
  • Flexible unit
  • Customizable
    KNX scenes
  • Intact original

Aidoo KNX Integration HUB

We provide the long awaited innovative solution to efficiently integrate the Inverter/VRF units to the latest IoT trends.

Aidoo KNX Integration HUB





Airzone Aidoo KNX - Daikin Airzone Aidoo KNX - Gree Airzone Aidoo KNX - LG Airzone Aidoo KNX - Midea Airzone Aidoo KNX - Mitsubishi Electric Airzone Aidoo KNX - Mitsubishi
Aidoo Integration with HVAC
Aidoo KNX Integration HUB
Aidoo Integration with IT
Airzone Aidoo KNX - KNX

Multiple communication alternatives

You can control your Inverter/VRF AC unit through as many communication options as you want to implement in your KNX system with ultimate flexibility.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Multiple communication alternatives

Full control

Thanks to the full 2-way communication of Aidoo KNX, you will be able to control your unit with confirmed actions and status.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Full control

Plug & Play

With Aidoo KNX you will need no adaptors or external power supply. It is easily connected to the Inverter/VRF unit in a matter of minutes.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Plug & Play

Personalized scenes

Enjoy the customizable schedules with Aidoo KNX that will give you the utmost freedom.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Personalized scenes

Intact original
Inverter features

Aidoo KNX maintains the original thermostat’s best functions and features, maximizing comfort and efficiency by communicating with the manufacturers’ specific protocols.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Intact original Inverter features

Works with major HVAC manufacturers

Check if your AC unit is compatible with Aidoo using the chart below.

More brands coming soon.

Airzone Aidoo KNX - Daikin Airzone Aidoo Wi-fi - Gree Airzone Aidoo KNX - LG Airzone Aidoo KNX - Midea Airzone Aidoo KNX - Mitsubishi Electric Airzone Aidoo KNX - Mitsubishi
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