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06 May 21

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Airzone offers technical support anywhere in the world with its video assistant Argos

Argos is the video assistant with which Airzone offers technical support anywhere in the world. Discover its main features and utilities.

When an installer comes to a home or office to install an Airzone system or to resolve any doubts about its operation, questions may arise that are difficult to resolve without help.

Thanks to Argos, the installer's cell phone is transformed into an interactive whiteboard through which Airzone Technical Support Team can help identify problems and explain solutions.

The new tool used by Airzone is the best alternative to offer personalized attention to installers anywhere in the world, no matter what language they speak. For Argos, there are no barriers.

How is a video call with Argos different from a phone call?

In addition to displaying the image in real time, video calls made with Argos have other add-ons compared to traditional phone calls.

The Airzone Support Technician can use the Argos whiteboard to point out buttons and highlight any part of the application or Airzone thermostats. All the signals or drawings made on this "whiteboard" are reflected on the installer's phone screen, and the installer knows where to focus.

Thus, prompts such as "please press the red button" do not give rise to answers such as "which one? the one on the right or the one on the left?". 

In this way, the communication process is streamlined thanks to a personalized and close attention, which allows doubts to be solved in record time and saving the technical support team from a trip to the worksite. 

What if the installer is in another country and does not speak the same language as the person attending them?

Argos overcomes the language barrier there, too.

Its technology has an instant translator in major languages, so conversations remain fluent, even if the installer and the support team speak different languages.

Video call: an overview of the process

Here are the steps to receive help from Airzone Technical Department:

  • The installer goes to the site where the Airzone solution is installed and requests assistance from Airzone Technical Support Department via a phone call.
  • The Airzone support professional sends a message to the installer's cell phone. The message includes a link inviting the installer to set up a video call with the Argos tool.
  • The installer clicks on the link and makes the video call.
  • From the beginning of the video call, the technical support team can indicate, via their computer screen and with the help of a digital pen, specific points, or buttons on the application to which the installer should be directed.

Everything that is highlighted on the computer screen will also be reflected on the installer's cell phone screen, facilitating fluid communication.

  • If the installer and the support professional speak different languages, Argos activates an instant translator allowing the two parties to communicate easily.

Argos has changed the way installers receive support in any country in the world where they configure or install Airzone solutions. Their work becomes easier, and the communication process becomes more satisfying for everyone.

As a result, the questions about Airzone system configurations and programming are quickly resolved, installers feel supported, and end-users receive better service.