Airzone VAF

The perfect combination of Inverter/VRF and VAV, integrating the best of HVAC with IT.


Why Airzone VAF?

Airzone VAF is the most cost effective and convenient HVAC control solution for small and mid-sized commercial applications as well as residential projects. Zone supplemental heating control can also be incorporated into Airzone VAF.

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Eco-Adapt
  • Remote
    control 1
  • Weather
    forecast 1
  • BMS/HA
  • Hybrid ducted
    & ductless

Benefits of VAF

Compared to a non-zoned system

  • Seamless control of hybrid ducted and ductless systems
  • Combined AC and zone supplemental heating control on a single thermostat
  • Integration with major manufacturers
  • Reduced first costs
  • Ventilation control with scheduling

Where can VAF be used?


Without VAF

Airzone VAF System Components

The integrated Airzone VAF HVAC control system can control up to 10 zones (ductless and/or ducted units). Airzone VAF has the following electronic components: Electronic elements, Airzone Interfaces and Airzone Cloud Webserver.

Airzone interfaces

Thermostat face plate available in black. Inquire with order.

Airzone Cloud Webserver

Control your system from anywhere

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps 2 available for Android and iOS or through Get an extra year's guarantee for your Airzone system with the Airzone Cloud Webserver.

Certified Protocols

Our communication gateways work with the same protocols as the HVAC units. This enables the most developed two-way communication. Airzone’s collaboration with the leading HVAC manufacturers guarantees full integration and thanks to our gateways we can also easily access to the error codes of the indoor unit.

A fully integrated HVAC solution with BMS/HA

Airzone VAF allows end-users to integrate the AC into the latest IoT trends easily. It is compatible with the leading BMS/HA and IoT technologies like voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the Airzone webserver. Also with the local API, any 3rd party integration is simpler than ever. No more tedious programming, just download the drivers, select the parameters and you’re all set.


Thanks to the Airzone Communication Gateways developed with the leading manufacturers and the limited electronic elements, Airzone VAF provides individual temperature control in each zone and improved energy savings, integrating seamlessly and hassle free.

Airzone integration with Daikin
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1 Applicable if the system has an Airzone Cloud Webserver.
2 Module of radiant elements required.
3 Airzone VAF system can also control the boiler for supplemental hydronic zone heating
4 The Airzone Cloud Webserver required.
5 Terms and conditions apply (exclusive to B2B).