Assembly and Connection Hisense VRF


Aidoo Hisense VRF Wi-Fi controller

The unit controller must remain working in parallel with your Aidoo.

Perform all of the connections with a total absence of power.

Follow these steps to connect them:

  1. Fix your Aidoo close to the AC unit to be controlled using the material supplied (double-sided adhesive tape or screws).

    Important: Check that you have a Wi-Fi signal available before fixing it.
    Assembly Aidoo EPS

  2. Set as operating temperature the measurement of the Hisense thermostat probe, access Function selection and set the value 1 in the parameter C8 (refer to the installation manual of the thermostat).
  3. Disconnect the indoor unit.
  4. Connect the Aidoo to power supply.
    Connection Aidoo HS2 1
  5. Connect the Aidoo to the terminals A and B of the indoor unit using the supplied cable.
    Connection Aidoo HS2 2
  6. Power the indoor unit. Check the LED:
    green (blinking)
    red (solid)