The wired Lite thermostat blinks red (it does not operate)

If the Lite thermostat's LED status indicator (ON/OFF) blinks red five times rapidly it is indicating that there is a communications failure between the thermostat and the main control board. This issue does not allow the zone to be controlled.

Check whether "Error 1" appears on the other thermostats (Blueface or Think) and whether the rest of the Lite thermostats also blink red rapidly five times. If so, the communications error is general to the system. Proceed in the same way as for the following issue: The wired thermostat displays Error 1 - Communications failure between thermostat and main control board.

If the error is localized to that zone, it is necessary to find out whether the problem is due to the wiring, the support or the thermostat.

First check that the Lite thermostat's zone is not repeated in another Lite thermostat; in other words, that there are two Lite thermostats with the same microswitch setting. If so, change the address and set the right one (How do I change the damper associated to a zone equipped with a Lite thermostat?).

If this is not the problem, remove the thermostat from the wall and interchange it with another of the installation's thermostats to discard a hardware problem. If the problem persists in the same thermostat, the problem resides in this device and it should be changed. To do so, get in touch with the Airzone Technical Department (Open a new ticket).

If the problem is now displayed by the new thermostat, the problem resides in the location (either the wall support or the wiring). Check the zone's wiring and the voltages once again as indicated in What are the correct voltages in the Airzone bus?.

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