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Airzone Solutions Guide

Explore the benefits of the Airzone solutions and all they can provide in depth. We have created a detailed and precise explanation of the benefits of using Airzone solutions.

BIM models

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a collaborative design technology for project management. 3D models of each component are put together to set-up an installation. This technology reduces costs, speeds up design, prevents production delays and improves the quality of engineering, architecture and building projects.

BIM Models
Airzone BIM Instructions

* BIM models are built with REVIT® software and can be exported to “.ifc” files for working with them in ArchiCad®, AllPlan®, etc.

Analysis of energy efficiency

Several energy efficiency studies developed by renowned universities and expert researchers confirm the energy efficiency of Airzone solutions. Refer to these studies to magnify your projects.



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