I have everything installed and associated. I switch on a zone and it does not operate

If the damper associated to a zone does not open when an Airzone system zone is switched on, run the following checks:

Check that the Airzone system is set to an operating mode other than Stop and that the set-point temperatures generate demand. If you have any doubts about the behavior of the operating modes see ( Airzone operating modes ).

Check concordance between thermostats and actuator outputs. To do so, switch off all zones and switch on the zone in question to generate demand. Check that the damper of another zone has not been opened. If this is the case, you must interchange the actuator outputs in the main control board.

If the problem has not been solved, check that the zone number corresponds to the actuator output.

If the problem persists after these checks, it could be due to:
- Zone settings. Check the zone's control stages ( What are my thermostat's Control stages? ).
- The operation of the actuator. Consult opening of actuators ( The actuators of my dampers do not operate ).