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A zone's damper does not close
A zone's damper does not close
If the damper associated to a zone does not close despite having switched off said zone, run the following checks:

Check that it is not the last zone to close. The system has a four-minute closure delay in the last zone. Once that time has elapsed, the zone will be closed. In the case of Easyzone, the last zone's closure involves the opening of all the zones.

Check concordance between thermostats and actuator outputs. To do so, switch on and generate demand in all the system's zones, checking that all the dampers remain open. Then switch off the zone in question and check that the damper of another zone has not been closed.

If the above has not happened, check that the zone number corresponds to the actuator output.

If the problem persists after these checks, it could be due to:
- Zone settings. Check the zone's control stages ( What are my thermostat's Control stages?  ).
- The operation of the actuator. Consult opening of actuators ( The actuators of my dampers do not operate  ).
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