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The Wi-Fi webserver does not connect to the router
The Wi-Fi webserver does not connect to the router
If it is not possible to associate your Wi-Fi webserver to the router, run the following checks:

1. Check that the Wi-Fi signal to which you want to be associated is received with sufficient coverage (image 1). Take into account that low coverage (a single bar) can cause disconnections in the device and therefore poor operation.

2. Ensure it has been connected to the Wi-Fi network properly and that you have entered the password correctly, including upper and lower case letters and special symbols.

3. Check the status of the webserver's self-diagnostic LEDs. To do so, see the webserver's technical fact sheet (the technical fact sheet). If there is any problem in the self-diagnostic LEDs, get in touch with the Airzone Technical Support Department (  Open a new ticket  ).