Aidoo Pro Fancoil

Control thousands of AC units from your cell phone

Add the most complete control to even the oldest AC units

Aidoo Pro Fancoil allows you to control any number of fancoil units of all types from the same app, with the option to integrate this control into building management systems.

Aidoo Pro Fancoil Functions

All types of fancoil

Aidoo Pro Fancoil can be used both in new installations and for retrofitting existing fancoil installations. Fancoil types that you can control:

  • 2 pipes
    4 pipes
  • 3 speeds
    0-10 V control
  • Proportional valves
    All/nothing valves
  • Individual unit control

    Each Aidoo Pro Fancoil device manages an individual AC unit and offers the following operation functions from the Airzone Cloud app:

    • Switching on/off

    • Set-point temperature selection

    • Fan speed selection

    • Automatic mode change

    • Time schedules

    • Steady ventilation

    • Dehumidifier function

    • Window opening detection

    • Occupancy detection

    • ECO mode

    • Shutdown timer

    • Anti-freezing function

    • Auxiliary heat for 2-pipe/2-wire installations

    • Configuration from the app via Bluetooth and Cloud

    Individual unit control with Aidoo Fancoil
    Control large installations with Aidoo Fancoil

    Control of large installations

    Individual fancoils, each controlled by an Aidoo Pro Fancoil device, can be managed by groups from the Airzone Cloud app, facilitating the maintenance of large installations.

    Control options for groups of AC units:

    • Switching on/off

    • Set-point temperature selection

    • Automatic mode change

    • Time schedules

    Plug&Play integration

    Aidoo Pro Fancoil allows easy integration of hydronic installations without communications in home automation systems and BMS, also adding useful functions that eliminate the need for additional programming.

    Aidoo Fancoil Plug&Play Integration

    Airzone Blueface
    touchscreen thermostat

    Aidoo Pro Fancoil replaces outdated thermostats for fancoil units with a new, more user-friendly touchscreen interface. Control options:

    • Switching on/off

    • Set-point temperature selection

    • Fan speed selection

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