Pack Airzone VALR for radiators 3 thermostatics valves

Pack Airzone VALR for radiators 3 thermostatics valves
Reference AZCE8PVALR3

Pack Airzone Flexa 4.0 VALR to control installations with radiators and 3 thermostatic valve actuators.


  • 1x Central Flexa 4.0 DIN Rail AZCE8CB1DIN
  • 1x Webserver HUB AZX6WSPHUB
  • 1x VALR control module for wireless valves VALR AZCE8CM1VALR
  • 3x Airzone wireless thermostatic valve actuator VALR for radiators AZX6AC1VALR.
  • Bus cable


  • Control and management of thermostat status, up to 8 zones - 10 wireless valves.
  • Communication with units of integral control of the installation.
  • Two relay outputs configurable as high/low-temperature circuit demand or manual operation.
  • hermostatic valve actuator with LED display to show setpoint temperature, battery status and radio coverage., with Anti-freeze, Anti-calc and child lock functions.
  • Configuration and control of zone parameters (Room and set-point temp., operating mode, etc.) and system parameters via Airzone Cloud.
  • Associated with router through the app via Bluetooth.
  • Allows configuration as Lutron gateway and BACnet IP.