The thermostat displays a screen showing "A" for Airzone frequently and restarts

If your Blueface thermostat frequently displays an "A" for Airzone on the screen, it means that it is being reset. Proceed as follows:

Check that the thermostat's power feed is correct. To do so, measure the voltage between the positive and negative poles in the base of the thermostat (removing the thermostat), and also at the system's main control board connection terminal (after connecting the thermostat). In both cases, the voltage should be approximately 12 Vdc. Voltages of less than 11 Vdc indicate there is some kind of problem.

If the voltage is not correct, check the polarity of all the connectors on both the thermostats and the main control board. Check that there are no loose wires making a false contact with another wire.

If all the wiring is correct, replace the thermostat with another one in the installation and check what happens with the thermostat that was resetting itself in its new location and what happens with the thermostat that operated properly in its new location:
- If the thermostat suspected of suffering a failure continues to reset itself and the thermostat that initially operated well continues operating well, the problem resides in the thermostat. Get in touch with Airzone to replace the part.
- If the problem is now transferred to the other thermostat, the problem resides in the connection base or the wire. Replace that zone's wiring and reconnect the thermostat.