Aidoo Pro Inverter/VRF

Aidoo Wi-fi Inverter/VRF

Smartphone, computer, and voice control for your air conditioning

With Aidoo, control your air conditioning no matter where you are.

For all types of units.

For all types of units.

Aidoo Wi-Fi can be used in both new installations and to update existing Inverter/VRF systems.

Ducted units

Ducted units

Cassette units

Cassette units



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Airzone Cloud App

The free Airzone Cloud app adds new features to your air conditioning unit:

Creation of multiple users with different levels of control.

Definition of schedules and climate scenes.

Professional monitoring from the Airtools section.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Samsung Smart Things.

Apple Store Google Play

What do Aidoo Wi-Fi users think?

Easy and intuitive

Watching the YouTube video is enough. Then pair the device via Bluetooth to register it and enter your router's Wi-Fi key to have the remote on your mobile, working in 5 minutes. Great!

Jesus De la torre.

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Just what I've been waiting for years

A great device, and better customer service. 110% satisfied. I recommend it with my eyes closed. I only miss the integration with Home Kit, IFTTT or Smart Life. In any case, congratulations.

Pedro Elias.

Amazon Reviews

Takes 15 minutes to install

Spectacular. I spent 12 years getting out of bed and going to the dining room to turn on the air. If I had known, I would have done it much sooner. If you're thinking about it, don't hesitate. You can use the traditional controller, an app on the mobile or Alexa. The installation took me 15 minutes. I have no words! Many thanks to the creators!


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Integrates perfectly

Impressive. After almost giving up domotizing my old Daikin Air through ducts, these guys arrive through the front door, with a module that integrates perfectly, (installed in 10 minutes), and a application that the vast majority would like... In short, perfection. Chapó. Good job yes sir!

Paco Alcaniz.

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Simple to use

Easy to install, unbelievably fast. Seems like magic, response is almost instantaneous. Multi-user, my wife and I control at the same time without problems, fast, very fast Full integration, works well and has consumer add-on features , power, temperatures, etc. What I liked the most are the scenes and programming, much simpler than the remote control. It stores all the settings when the power goes out and recovers it.


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Easy to install and complete

Installed in Fujitsu ACY71UIALM duct machine. Very easy connection. Change temperature sensor (to know the T of the room) Connect the three cables as the manual says (it is not necessary to modify the switch in this equipment: the control of series already works with three wires). And configure App. It has historical graphs. Very attentive technical service.


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Perfectly working

It works with my Daikin equipment from 2005! It was a surprise to find you. Round product and working perfectly. I had already considered impossible that I could automate the equipment. Quick and easy assembly.


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Awesome interface!

Easy to install, it works immediately. It does not lose the connection or it is installed in the false ceiling. Highly recommended for those who want to control air machines over the internet that do not have this functionality from the factory.


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How does Aidoo Wi-Fi work?

Aidoo Wi-Fi connects to the air conditioning unit through a wired connection and establishes a Wi-Fi connection with the Airzone Cloud smart phone application.

  • The wired connection to the air conditioning unit provides a bidirectional communication.

  • Bidirectional communication ensures that the state of the unit reflected in the app is accurate, avoiding errors and unintended activations.

  • Each unit requires an Aidoo Wi-Fi device.

  • The Airzone Cloud app can manage an unlimited number of units.

  • Through the app, you can control: power on and off, temperature, mode changes, and schedule programming for the unit.

How to install Aidoo Wi-Fi?

Aidoo Wi-Fi is easy to install for anyone used to perform small maintenance tasks at home, you will only need a screwdriver.

Follow the installation steps in our YouTube channel videos.

If you have any doubts, please contact the Airzone Support service.

If you need the assistance of an installer, check our list of professionals.

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