Assembly and Connection Daikin Altherma


Aidoo Daikin Altherma Wi-Fi controller

Altherma unit control should be configured as following for proper functioning: Installer settings > Overview field settings > 6 - 0D – 2 (Room thermostat).

Perform all of the connections with a total absence of power.

Follow these steps to connect them:

  1. Disconnect the indoor unit.
  2. Remove the screen from the unit, locate connectors X1 and X20 on the back of the screen, and disconnect them.
    Disassembly Aidoo DA2
  3. Connect the unit and screen to the Aidoo using the supplied cable.
    Connection Aidoo DA2
  4. Use the supplied clamps to attach the cable and the Aidoo to the back of the screen.
  5. Power the indoor unit. Check the LED:
    green (blinking)
    red (solid)