Turn the control of an HVAC system into an easier experience

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Air conditioning and heating systems make our lives a lot more comfortable – there can be no doubt about it. However, as technology has developed over the years, these systems which have served us so well over time also need to be brought in line with the demands of 21st-century living.

Now that we have entered into the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), traditional HVAC installations have a number of drawbacks. As users, we are much more demanding and expect our climate control to be fully integrated part of our home life.

The Airzone solution

Not only does Airzone Easyzone provide superior comfort with its state-of-the-art zoning technology, its interfaces, whether the sleek thermostats or the Airzone Cloud app, offer unrivalled levels of control.

But it doesn’t stop there. With Airzone, users can turn the control of an HVAC system into a much easier experience.

Users can ensure their thermal comfort with a touch of a button, concurrently controlling zones. In this regard, we are industry leaders.

What’s more, our systems can be integrated with other control systems such as building automation or home automation systems (ModBus, KNX, BACnet… etc.).

Connectivity at its very best.

State-of-the-art thermostats

All Airzone thermostats are available in black or white and are made from high-quality and elegant materials, exquisitely finished in matt nickel and tempered glass, coated with a zamak case. This means that they an aesthetic value to the sophisticated interiors.

The Easyzone solution offers three different types of thermostats – Airzone Blueface, Airzone Think and Airzone Lite.

Available in a wide range of languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese), each thermostat gives varying degrees of control according to user preference.

For example, the Blueface thermostat is the most complete with the ability to set schedules, choose operating mode, consult ambient temperature and relative humidity readings, access weather information and much more. This is ideal for the zone occupied by the system’s primary user (or users), i.e. the homeowner.

In contrast, the minimalistic Airzone Lite thermostat is ideal for zones where users require a simple on/off switch and set-point control of +/-3 degrees.

Airzone Think, meanwhile, offers a balance between the two, with easy navigation.

All three have been designed with the user in mind. The sixth generation of Airzone thermostats consists of high-resolution graphic interfaces with highly-intuitive iconography which makes control quick and straightforward for the user.

Different thermostats; different functionalities – whatever suits you best.

Airzone Cloud app

However, control over your HVAC system goes even further than this with Airzone. Easyzone works hand in hand with all the latest technology and thanks to the Airzone Cloud app, temperature control can be achieved without even getting out of bed, via a tablet or a smartphone.

This centralized and, at the same time, remote control gives massive added value to any HVAC system.

Through the app, different levels of user can be assigned meaning that the adults of the house can have full access, for example, while children and guests have limited access.

Those with full access can control all functions of the system easily with a swipe of a touch screen, either from the zone itself or away from the building entirely.

Schedules and ideal parameters can also be easily programmed to adapt the system to the habits of users, but likewise weather forecasts can be consulted and changes made to make configuration more accurate and ensure thermal comfort for everyone while no energy is unnecessarily wasted.

The same applies for various other scenarios. For example, if you’re away on business, you can open the app and turn off your normal zone so that energy isn’t wasted. Equally, if it’s a cold night and you want the house to be warm for when you get back, you can turn the heating on remotely so that the temperature is just right for when you arrive.

Easier for professionals too

Thanks to this Cloud technology, in the event of any problems with your Airzone solution, many issues can also be resolved much more quickly.

With the user’s permission, data can be used to diagnose and fix problems without the need for a call-out and professionals could attend more customers and expand their client base as they will save on time. However, if maintenance does need to be called, they will have all of the information they need on arrival to carry out the repairs as swiftly as possible, reducing costs.

An effortless control experience

Overall, Airzone turns the control of any HVAC system into an easier experience for its users. Whether from the sofa in the zone itself or from thousands of miles away, users are able to control every function of their air conditioning both quickly and effortlessly.

With state-of-the-art thermostats in each zone and centralized Cloud control, the latest in HVAC technology is taken to the next level with Airzone’s characteristic innovative touch.