Expert Training Makes Highly-Qualified Professionals

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“I’ve got all the knowledge I need,” claimed no one in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning sector. A lot has happened in the HVAC industry in recent years and still, more is yet to come. Emerging technology that is shaping the industry is crucial as players strive to achieve higher efficiency and improved functions. For instance, UV Sterilization is increasingly becoming a method of choice for killing pathogens in ducted air conditioning systems.

Professionals handling these systems have only one option; up their game through expert training.

Who Needs Expert Training?

Whether to update the license or not, professional development is important for HVAC technicians as it is an opportunity to keep in tabs with emerging technology. It ensures that one is perfectly positioned and ahead of their peers, as the emerging technological changes are complicated by the increasing competition. Our two training options can help an HVAC professional stay on top of his or her game: basic courses and expert training.

Modern ducted air conditioning systems may be advanced, but the basic concept remains the same. Therefore, professionals with knowledge of the conventional systems are perfectly suited for our expert training which is going to provide the necessary information on Airzone zoning solutions. Even though their primary familiarity with the concept is limited, our expert training will help the professionals build a strong foundation.

Contents of Expert Training

HVAC professionals have many responsibilities that include installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of systems; testing systems; handling sensitive systems; upgrade recommendations; and staying posted with modern regulations and innovations.

In line with these requirements, the best HVAC training programs feed participants with further knowledge on relevant subjects including automated HVAC controls, motor & motor control, refrigeration units (both commercial and industrial) and air quality issues. Other subjects are advanced ducted air conditioning installation, electricity, and maintenance of complex units. The participants receive both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to ducted air conditioning systems.

The two courses that we offer at Airzone Academy (basic and expert) are for different professional profiles, so the content will vary depending on your technical profile.

Become an Airzone Expert with our specialized training

Expert training in HVAC at Airzone Academy comes with a number of advantages:

  • Differentiate from your competitors and get into our recommended installers list.
  • All our courses have been conceived from professionals to professionals.
  • All our courses are focused on the practical application.

Professionals who have gone through the training perform better, producing quality work that is visible to everyone.

Technicians choose this academy for the following reasons:

1. Training for Positive Attitude

All our courses have been conceived by our team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in air conditioning design and technology. Expert trainers are keen on imparting the right attitude towards the sessions so that the trainees can benefit. There is no need for a professional to undergo training and come out with little or nothing because of poor training methods. Our specialized training programs allow you to interact with the best professionals and discover all the secrets of our technology.

2. Modern Training

With Airzone Academy, students are guaranteed of modern teaching approaches. The Academy ensures that participants always stand out in the competition, knowing that the HVAC industry is constantly changing. The best thing about this training is that there are no specific constraints as the students can follow the course online. Currently, Airzone Academy is focusing on webinars, with contents divided into different categories. This is an easy way to complete our specialized training programs based on your technical profile and obtain your official Airzone Certificate.

3. Experts in Control

Undertaking the courses at Airzone Academy is a guarantee of passing through the hands of specialized professionals. The dedicated team of experts has a broad range of experience in refrigeration, engineering, servicing, and installation. This allows them to cover with authority diverse subjects, covering each in detail, offering in-depth understanding and raising the standards in the HVAC industry.

4. Recognition after Training

It is highly advisable for the participants to undertake all the contents of the expert training in the correct order. A certificate is earned on completion of all modules, including final exams and quizzes. Adequate training sessions cover exam preparation, home study, online sessions, and assignments. The experts answer any questions the participants may have. The participants are required to attain a certain minimum percentage to succeed in the program. Upon completion of the training, the Airzone Certificate awarded is a mark of professional qualification, as the participants are able to understand and work better with the product. Following the training enhances your ability to work with Airzone.

Are you looking to advance your knowledge in HVAC control solutions to be more competitive in the industry? If you are an HVAC professional and you would like to be an expert in ducted air conditioning systems, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Airzone Academy. We guarantee effective training methods, so you will come out with the relevant techniques and information. You will benefit immensely from the training and eventually increase profit in your respective firms. For more about our expert training, check out our site: