Pack AirQ Box in-duct IAQ monitoring and controlling device -Aidoo Pro Fan coil

Pack AirQ Box in-duct IAQ monitoring and controlling device -Aidoo Pro Fan coil

Device for air purification by ionization.

Pack include:

  • AZX6AIQBOXM - AirQ Box in-duct IAQ monitoring and controlling device.
  • AZAI6WSPFAN - Aidoo Pro Fancoil.
  • AZAI6BLUEZEROC - Airzone Aidoo Pro Fan coil Blueface Zero thermostat.
  • AZX6CABLEBUS15 - Airzone bus cable (2x0,5+2x0,22) 15 m

Functionalities AZX6AIQBOXM:

  • Designed for assembly in rigid ducted installations.
  • Includes 2 ionizers.
  • Optical detection of floating particles (PM 2.5) in the air, similar to smoke, dust, etc.
  • Control via Airzone Cloud.
  • Compatible with units up to 10kW capacity. Expandable with AZX6AIQBOXS expansion module.

Functionalities AZAI6WSPFAN:

  • Control of the parameters of the unit.
  • Dual Wi-FI communications (2.4/5 GHz).
  • Possibility of integration via Local API and Cloud API.
  • Communication errors detection.
  • Temperature and operating mode time schedules.
  • Multi-user and multi-session.
  • 2 relays for control of solenoid valves on demand.
  • 3 relays for control of up to 3 speeds.
  • 3 0-10 V outputs for control of cooling valve, heating valve and fan.
  • 3 digital inputs for open window detection, occupancy detection and Eco mode.
  • 3 analogue probe inputs for measuring room temperature, heating battery temperature and cooling battery temperature.

Functionalities AZAI6BLUEZEROC:

  • Available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.
  • Control of temperature, operating mode and system speed.
  • Room temperature
  • Sleep function.