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Airzone solutions, Aidoo range

Home automation integration and connectivity


HVAC installations are complex systems that combine electronic and mechanical elements and control a multitude of variables on which thermal comfort depends. For this reason, integration of these installations into home automation systems is no easy task.

To solve this problem, Airzone has created the Aidoo range - a range of Plug&Play devices that enable individual HVAC units of different types to be equipped with communications.

Zoned control of underfloor radiant heating

Flexa 4.0 for underfloor heating

The most efficient and cost-effective way to control underfloor heating and cooling is with Airzone thermostatic heads. Thanks to the Flexa 4.0 system, the thermal inertia of the floor is used to achieve greater savings.

Radiator heating control

Flexa 4.0 for radiators

An easy-to-install Plug&Play solution. Flexa 4.0 is also suitable for centralized heating in buildings.

Zone control for ducted air-conditioning, underfloor heating and radiator systems

Flexa 4.0

For rigid and flexible ducted air-conditioning systems and mixed systems in which air-conditioning and water heating coexist.

The zoning kit for AC units

Easyzone IAQ

The Plug&Play solution that allows the joint management of air conditioning and water heating. Controls from 2 to 8 zones independently and from anywhere via the Airzone Cloud app. Includes ionisers to improve indoor air quality.

Advanced installation control


Used to manage HVAC installations that combine different types of HVAC equipment. It is Airzone's most complete and versatile range and, like all of our company's solutions, it offers complete integration with home automation and building management systems.

Air quality


Airzone solutions for air quality control use ionization, the purification technology that imitates nature. It is also the safest for use in the presence of people. Its effectiveness is certified through an extensive testing process, performed by reputable laboratories.








Direct expansion

Multi-zone installations

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Multi-zone installations

Single-zone installations

Hydronic systems

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Radiant heating

Underfloor heating

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Air quality

Multi-zone installations

Single-zone installations


Multi-zone installations

Single-zone installations


Multi-zone installations

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