Aidoo Pro Ventilation

Manage your ventilation system from a cell phone, computer or home automation system

Improve the air quality of your system with Aidoo Pro Ventilation

Aidoo Pro Ventilation improves air quality through complete control from the Airzone Cloud app. It is compatible with home automation systems and BMS, allowing you to monitor and activate ventilation systems based on sensor readings, ensuring an optimal indoor environment. It allows you to manage the parameters of your ventilation system remotely, improving energy efficiency and well-being in any application. 

Mejora la calidad del aire con Aidoo Pro Ventilación

Which parameter does Aidoo Pro Ventilation control? 

Operation modes of the heat recovery exchanger: 

Auto, By-Pass and recovery

Up to 7 heat recovery speeds:  

Auto, Super low, Low, Medium-low, Medium, Medium-high and Maximum 


How does Aidoo Pro Ventilation monitor a system's air quality?

Aidoo Pro Ventilation offers the reading of the following elements and variables of a ventilation system:

  • CO₂ sensor
  • Air quality sensor
  • TVOC sensor
  • Zone air extraction temperature
  • Zone air supply temperature
  • Outdoor air inlet temperature
  • Recovery exchanger humidity

Ventilation control in the Airzone Cloud app

The Airzone Cloud app adds additional functions to the ventilation unit:

Mode settings

Mode settings

Configuration of auto mode by room temperature or outdoor temperature.

Ventilation type selection

Ventilation type selection

Configuration of the available output fan.

Multi-user and multi-session access

Multi-user and multi-session access

Creation of several users with different levels of control.

Unit parameters readings

Unit parameters readings

· Bypass position
· Percentage of filter use
· Hours of filter use
· Errors


Integration in homes and smart buildings

Aidoo Pro Ventilation allows you to control the ventilation system through a Smart Home system or a building management system (BMS). To facilitate the rapid integration of ventilation units into this type of system, the device has the following options:

· RS-485 port for Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP integration Local API
· Cloud API

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How to purchase Aidoo Pro Ventilation

If you are a private customer, you will need the help of an Airzone installer. Find one near you.

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If you are an installer, you can purchase Aidoo Pro Ventilation on our website.

If you are an engineer and want to incorporate Aidoo Pro Ventilation in your project, contact our Projects Department.


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