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Download images from our CAD library, BIM Models and Energy Analysis Reports to optimize your project.

Airzone Solutions Guide

Explore the benefits of the Airzone solutions and all they can provide in depth. We have created a detailed explanation of the benefits of using Airzone solutions.

Airzone Solutions Guide

BIM Models

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a collaborative design technology for project management. 3D models of each component are put together to set up an installation. This technology reduces costs, speeds up design, prevents production delays and improves the quality of engineering, architecture and building projects.

BIM models are built with REVIT® software and can be exported to “.ifc” files to work with them in ArchiCad®, AllPlan®, etc.

BIM Models
BIM Models

CAD Files

Find files, including wiring diagrams and blocks in CAD format (.DWG format) for the most common set-ups. Use them as templates to customize your projects.

Analysis Of Energy

Several energy efficiency studies developed by renowned universities and expert researchers confirm the energy efficiency of Airzone solutions. Refer to these studies to magnify your projects.

Project Calculation

Once calculations are done, you will get a complete customized project for your installation.

Airzone Academy

Training course: Recommendations & Consultancy Tools

Learn to use our engineering software and resources to design your projects. Integrate Airzone control technology into your plan and enjoy the many benefits.

Airzone Academy