Aidoo KNX Air To Water

Quick and easy integration of air to water units in KNX systems

Manage all the variables of an air to water unit from a KNX system

Aidoo KNX Air to Water is an integration gateway that enables two-way communication with air to water units through protocols developed in collaboration with unit manufacturers. Thanks to this integration, you can manage the production, control the temperature and program your air to water unit.


What functions does Aidoo KNX Air to Water offer?

HVAC control:

  • On/Off control of the production of up to two water circuits (if permitted by the unit).
  • Automatic mode change.
  • Set-point temperature selection.
  • Shutdown timer.
  • Limitation of set-point temperature.
  • Water temperature reading and set-point temperature selection.
  • 3 configurable digital inputs (window detection, presence or occupancy detection and shutdown timer).
  • 5 configurable scenes.


Domestic hot water control:

  • On/Off control of production.
  • Select the temperature for the domestic hot water tank.
  • High power function for faster production.
  • Time schedules.

Aidoo KNX Air To Water integration options

  • KNX certified product
  • Configurable in ETS
  • Fully interoperable with KNX
  • Powered by the KNX bus
  • Allows up to 10 scenes
  • Measures the system's energy consumption (if permitted by the unit)

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