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Manage your air to water unit from your smartphone, computer or home automation system.

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Increase the comfort and efficiency of your air to water system

Thanks to Aidoo Pro Air to Water, you can manage the production, control the temperature and program your air to water unit. Take control of your air-to-water heat pump and optimize its performance according to your needs, wherever you are.

Maximum comfort in your air to water system thanks to Aidoo Pro Air to Water

Manage your air to water unit according to your needs

Each Aidoo Pro Air to Water device offers a series of advanced functions from the Airzone Cloud app.

HVAC control

HVAC control

  • On/Off control of the production of up to 2 water circuits (if permitted by the unit).
  • Automatic mode change.
  • Set-point temperature selection.
  • Shutdown timer.
  • Limitation of set-point temperature.
  • Device configuration via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Airzone Cloud app.
  • Water temperature reading and set point selection.

Domestic hot water control

  • On/Off control of production.
  • Select the temperature for your domestic hot water tank.
  • High power function for faster production.
  • Time schedules.
Domestic hot water control

Aidoo Pro Air to Water: all the reliability to integrate your air to water system

Manufacturer certified

Certified communication protocols with over 700 air to water units.

Production control board

Two-way communication with production unit. Includes relay output for auxiliary element management.

Configurable digital input

Allows additional on/off parameters to be added based on sensor readings.

Quick integration

Integration in Smart Home and BMS systems via API Cloud and API Rest, Modbus.

Complete Aidoo Pro Air to Water with the Airzone Cloud App.

Airzone Cloud application

The free Airzone Cloud app adds additional functions to the air to water unit:

Creation of several users with different levels of control.

Definition of schedules and HVAC scenes.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

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