Flexa 4.0 system for radiators

Airzone's smart zoning solution now also for radiator control


Why Flexa 4.0 for radiators?

Flexa 4.0 is also suitable for your building's central heating. Airzone wireless thermostatic heads allow you to zone your radiator heating system. A wireless, Plug&Play solution.

Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system.



  • Independent

  • Time

  • Remote

  • Weather

  • Integration with
    home automation

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Advantages of Flexa 4.0 for radiators

Compared to a non-zoned system

  • Possibility of turning off unoccupied zones.

  • Control of the room temperature in each zone.

  • Safety functions: anti-freezing, anti-scale and child lock.

  • Savings in operating costs.

  • Efficient control and management of production units such as boilers and recirculation pumps.

Where can Flexa 4.0 for radiators be applied?

Installation of Flexa 4.0 for air-to-water heat pumps

Elements of the Flexa 4.0 system for radiators

Enjoy all the advantages of the Flexa 4.0 system with just 3 components: electronic elements, Airzone interfaces and Airzone Cloud Webserver

Electronic elements

These allow zoned control of up to 8 zones and 10 wireless thermostatic heads.

Outstanding characteristics

User interfaces compatible with Flexa 4.0 for radiators

Airzone Cloud app
Smartphone - Tablet - Computer

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps2 available for Android and iOS or through airzonecloud.com.

Control Flexa 4.0 with Airzone Cloud

Other Flexa 4.0 applications

A fully integrated solution

HVAC systems are a particularly difficult subsystem to integrate into home automation systems. That's why Flexa 4.0 is designed as an integration tool that offers full HVAC management from the Airzone Cloud mobile app, a Smart Home system or a building management system (BMS).

Flexa 4.0 offers the following integration options:

A fully integrated solution

Smart heating control

Radiator heating has advantages such as speed of heat transmission, speed of response and safety. Radiators controlled by the Airzone thermostatic head become an even more efficient system, with very high performance thanks to the control of different temperatures.

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