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Innovating in HVAC control management: this is Aidoo Pro Air to water

Airzone introduces Aidoo Pro Air To Water, the latest addition to the Aidoo range. This device has been specially designed to enable the remote control of air to water systems. With a focus on adapting to changing user needs, it presents itself as a management tool for air to water HVAC systems through the Airzone […]
Airzone blog

Optimizing Comfort and Efficiency: integration of the Airzone and Lutron control systems

As the demand for smart homes increases, home-owners seek perfect integration between their air-conditioning systems and other smart devices. One integration that promises stellar features is the recently-launched integration between the Airzone Inverter/VRF control system and the Lutron lighting control and energy-saving system. This powerful combination makes it possible to improve comfort, optimise power consumption […]
Airzone blog

Airzone and Crestron join forces to integrate HVAC into building control systems

Airzone, a leading company in the development and manufacture of HVAC control systems, and Crestron, a benchmark company in the creation of smart home technology, have come together to integrate the control of HVAC units into Crestron home automation systems. As a result, HVAC systems, an essential resource in many locations around the world, can […]