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The most versatil control combined with seamless integration

Why Acuazone?

Acuazone is a system that adapts to any type of HVAC installation. It allows the integrated control of individual and zoned AC units and, in addition, allows the integration of radiant elements for heating and cooling in a single user interface. This advanced integrated control capability allows the user to control all the elements in the installation from a single interface. Thanks to the application of the most innovative control algorithms, Acuazone optimizes the operation of all the elements of the installation, controlling each one only when required.

Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system.
  • Independent

  • Time

  • Eco-Adapt

  • Remote

  • Weather

  • Integration with
    home automation

  • Hybrid system
    of ducted and split AC units

Air conditioning and radiant heating

integrated in a single interface

Integrated control of single-zone and multi-zone AC units, radiant systems for heating and cooling, and radiators.

Now you can control all your zones independently with a single integrated system.

Benefits of d’Acuazone

Compared to a non-zoned system

  • Maximum comfort and full control of the system in all zones.

  • Savings due to the fact that only the zones in demand are used.

  • Technology integrated with main manufacturers of AC units.

  • Capacity to act on the primary and secondary circuits.

  • A single thermostat to control the air and radiant stages.

Where can Acuazone be applied?


Without Acuazone

Elements of the Acuazone system

The Acuazone system consists of the following components: electronic elements, Airzone interfaces and Webserver Airzone Cloud.

Electronic elements

Acuazone is a hybrid zoning system that can easily integrate up to 32 hydronic and direct expansion units (with or without ducts) in residential and commercial applications.

Airzone interfaces

Airzone Cloud Webserver

Control your system from anywhere

The Webserver Airzone Cloud allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps2 available for Android and iOS or through airzonecloud.com.


A fully integrated solution

Acuazone allows end users to easily integrate their system into the latest IoT trends. It is compatible with the main BMS/Automation and IoT technologies, such as voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the Airzone Webserver. Furthermore, thanks to the local API, any third party integration is simpler than ever. No more tedious programming; you just have to download the drivers, select the parameters and that's it.

Optimization of production

Thanks to the production control board (CCP), communication gateways and the Webserver Airzone Cloud, the Acuazone system adjusts the operation of the production unit and recirculation pumps to meet the user's needs all year round and at all times. This seamless integration means Acuazone ensures maximum efficiency, safety and savings.


Thanks to the Airzone communication gateways each system communicates perfectly with the indoor unit, integrating seamlessly and with no effort.

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1 Applicable if the system has an Webserver Airzone Cloud.